Abdominoplasty Tunisia

AbdominoplastyAbdominoplasty above and below umbilicus

Abdominoplasty Tunisia aims at removing all the damaged skin located below the umbilicus. It generally begins with a first liposuction of the umbilical area to remove the excess of fat (except for thin patients) and facilitate its descent to the pubis.  It will leave a longer horizontal scar located in a fold above the pubis. A plication of the abdominal muscles is sometimes associated (weakened by pregnancy). The umbilicus, detached from the skin and remains attached to the muscle, emerged and put back in its original position through a small speck in the skin at the cost of a very discreet scar.

Mini Abdominoplasty

It involves removing a portion of damaged skin and fat located below the umbilicus. The navel remains in its place. This procedure leaves a small horizontal scar that follows the pubic hairline. The consequences are usually simple requiring only a day in hospital.

Following the abdominoplasty

Potent painkillers infusion, relayed by tablets will help to relieve the pain. Position on the back, knees and trunk flexed relieves stitches first 5 days. An early rise is required (the next day) in the presence of a nurse. Drainage of three days is recommended. Walking is difficult during the first 3 days and it’s hard to completely straighten the chest or cough. Blues and swelling will appear in the areas of liposuction that will disappear in three weeks; a sheath will be worn for a month. Antibiotic treatment for 5 days and treatment for thromboembolic’s accident prevention 15 days are systematic. The result is visible on the 15th day. The appearance of the scar will be much better with time.

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