Benefits & Risks of having breast augmentation


Breast enlargement boosts self-esteem, women usually experience a significant boost in self-esteem and positive feelings about their sexuality after undergoing breast enlargement, researchers from the University of Florida reported in Plastic Surgery Nursing.

The authors emphasized that although plastic surgery is not a panacea for feelings of sexual attractiveness or self-worth, it is important for health-care professionals to understand the psychological benefits of these procedures.

Study leader, said “Many individuals, including health-care providers, have preconceived negative ideas about those who elect to have plastic surgery, without fully understanding the benefits that may occur from these procedures.”

According to an article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (May 2013 issue), 98% of women who underwent breast augmentation surgery said the results met their expectations. A plastic surgeon who conducted the prospective outcome study, added that women also reported improvements in quality of life and self-esteem after their procedure.




A study, involving 225 women who were followed for five years, found that:

  • Patients said they were “back to normal” within 25 days of their surgery
  • 85% said their new breast size was “just right”
  • 13% said a larger size would have been better
  • Less than 2% would have preferred a smaller size
  • 1% were not happy with their scars, which are usually in the crease under the breast
  • 75% thought their breast firmness was “just right”
  • 98% said their results met with their expectations


Breast augmentation is a routine operation generally performed without any problems. There are risks associated with having any operation, such as bleeding, infection, and a reaction to the anaesthetic, but these are also rare.

The normal side effects of having a breast augmentation include:

  • Sore, tender breasts for a week or more
  • Swollen breasts for a week or more
  • Inability to drive a car or do some household chores (such as vacuuming) for a limited period of time
  • Scars on the breast or under the arms

Although complications can occur with breast augmentation they are rare, and most women are not affected at all. As with any operation and hospital stay, very occasionally people experience an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic, or develop a blood clot in their leg. Sometimes there is profuse internal bleeding.

With breast augmentation there can be some additional complications, including:

  • Capsula contracta – the natural capsule that forms around any implant can become unusually thick and contracted around breast implants. This may need treatment, or the implant may need to be removed
  • Rippling and kinking of the skin over the breast
  • A difference in size or shape of the breasts
  • Unusually large scars, called keloids which can take several years to heal
  • Infection around the implant
  • Feeling unhappy with the result of surgery (disappointment at the size or shape)
  • Fluid build-up around the implant
  • Silicone leakage

Please note that silicone rarely leaks, and is usually preceded by a rupture of the implant shell due to impact. If your breast implants do leak the silicone is almost always contained within the natural fibrous capsule that forms around all implants to protect the body. Research shows that silicone leakage is not conclusively linked to any serious health problems.