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10 November 2014
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Why plastic surgery?
A need that is timeless, one French on three is willing to perform a surgery or intervention of an aesthetic medicine. Recent statistics indicate that an operation takes place every second, making it at least 17 million per year.
In short, we have more and more need to correct some anomalies and embellish ourselves. To be more accepted, to please someone, to get a job …. Join the useful and pleasant Tunis reasons to change a feature of the face or reshape the figure so there is no shortage.
And many of you have already chosen Tunisia for that. Why?
Because it is cheaper, it is more discreet, but mostly because the procedure is performed in an environment like no other. Our clinic in Tunis is in a charming and green surroundings. The hotel where you will be staying directly overlooks the sea and offers spacious and cozy rooms where you will relax with delight after returning from the facility. You need a small excursion, a gourmet meal, a cocooned moments in massage cabins or simply by taking advantage of the comfort of a luxurious bedding…. All these opportunities to combine business with pleasure, you will enjoy with us.
So why not Why not choose the preferred clinic of European patients since 2009? Why not choose the 2 most requested surgeons in the country and you could discover in several TV shows? Why not choose the agency that in addition to guarantee these two guarantees of quality; you will be accommodated on full board in a 5-star hotel?
With us, your Liposuction, Rhinoplasty or your breast augmentation in Tunisia will be more than a simple intervention. It will also be the opportunity for an unforgettable stay in a country bathed by the sun and the joy of receiving.