Breast lift Tunisia

The breast liBreast liftingft Tunisia or breast ptosis correction (falling breasts) is a recovery ratio between the volume of the breast and the skin that is stretched as a result of feedings or significant weight loss. This breast lift Tunisia has the effect of “deflating” the upper part of the breast which gives it an unsightly appearance. During the intervention, the excess of skin appeared as a result of the fall of the breasts is simply removed and re-tensioned at the cost of two scars (One around the areola and the other ranging from vertically from the areola down).

It is to be noted that we cannot stop the natural ptosis (under the gravity effect) that depends on the volume of the breasts and of the quality of the skin. A supplemental intervention often used is the placement of a breast implant to increase the volume of the breasts or to tighten the upper part of the breast.



Following the Breast lift

The consequences of this action are generally simple with bearable pain. The bra of contention replaces the bandage the next day of the intervention.
A normal activity may be resumed at the end of a week and the sport at the end of a month.

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