Breast Lipofilling

Lipofilling breastBreast Lipofilling is a method which consists in removing fat from one area of ​​the body with a suction cannula of 2 mm diameter and is fed back into the breast. The advantage of this technique lies in the fact that once the fat collected at a place, the result is permanent (the same as liposuction). There are also no risks of rejection because the fat comes from the patient, and intervention gives a natural look. This intervention is directed to women wishing to increase their breast volume to one or two cup sizes, It is also recommended to treat an asymmetry of the breasts and to complement the increase by breast implants of a lean subject among which the breast prosthesis is often protruding and requires a Lipofilling to embellish the result.



Some details about breast Lipofilling

The disadvantages are: two sites operating theaters and a resorption of the grease unpredictable. Two or three sessions may be required to achieve the desired result.
This procedure requires a half day of hospitalization and is done under sedation.

Following the Breast Lipofilling

Appearance of a slight swelling and sometimes blues that will disappear within a week.


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