Breast Reduction Tunisia

Breast reduction Tunisia consists of removing the skin, Breast Reductiongland and fat. This intervention is directed to women having a large breast which is often the cause of a breast ptosis (falling breasts) and back pain. Breastfeeding is generally not compromised, except in certain cases where the volume of mammary gland remaining is insufficient to breastfeeding.
Breast reduction : details
The procedure takes about two hours under full anesthesia. A mammography screening is required before surgery and glandular tissue is removed and analyzed as in very rare cases, there is a non detectable cancer in the mammography and offers a chance of curing.

Following the Breast reduction

The consequences are relatively simple, a dressing is placed on the chest for 24 hours, and it’s soon replaced by a contention bra.

The breasts will appear too projected but they will quickly take a natural shape with spontaneous descending due to gravity and the easing of scars. The final result will be clear within about six months.








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