Buttocks augmentation

shutterstockCame from Brazil (where it is very popular), this procedure allows women whose buttocks lacks fullness or volume to assert their femininity. The cult of curved buttocks crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the operation is now in high demand in Europe. Two techniques for increasing volume of the buttocks are known: the injection of the fat and an implant. The fat injection has the advantage of reshaping the sampling area of fat in the way of liposuction; it is possible for example to use fat saddlebags to reinject it into the buttocks lacking curves and roundness. The buttock implants are made of cohesive silicone gel and are mostly requested by women or men with flat buttocks. The prosthesis is placed in the gluteus maximus (upper buttock) muscle through an incision in the gluteal fold, which allows the surgeon to use the same path for the integration of two prostheses.



Following the buttock augmentation

The placement of the implant at the top of the buttock is the primary source of relatively severe pain. The hospitalization lasts about 3 days during which must rest on the side. Pain will persist for ten days after the operation. Analgesics are prescribed at dosages more or less significant. Mild edema will develop in these areas of Lipofilling. The results are immediately visible in both cases.


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