Ethnic rhinoplasty Tunisia

Ethnic rhinoplasty Tunisia is a plastic nasal intervention especially for Africans and Asians who have specific nasal features: A flattened nose, rounder bulbous or less protrusive nasal tip.
This intervention consists of creating a symmetrical nose that suits the patient’s nose without diminishing its ethnic characteristics.
It includes:

• Changing the shape of bone and cartilage inside the nose
• Narrowing the nostrils
• Improving breathing while reshaping the nose
• Refining the nasal tip by strengthening and removing some cartilage
• Building up the nasal bridge using an implant

In addition to reshaping the nose it can correct obstructions or abnormalities that lead to breathing problems.

Following ethnic rhinoplasty :
Cold compresses are prescribed to you as well as a pain medication and an antibiotic for the first five days after the intervention.
Usually, nasal packing is used to stabilize the nose and prevent bleeding, some activities will be restricted after the intervention so as to speed the recovery process and to obtain the best results possible. Sun exposure and sports must be avoided and in the case you wear glasses some instructions will be given to you.
Eventually, this procedure does not only improve your appearance but also increases your facial harmony and ameliorates the way you see yourself you will regain self-confidence.