Face lift Tunisia

The natural tissuFace liftinges and melting gravity promote migration of a layer of surface tissue in contact with the skin (blade of fat and muscle) to the lower face to form jowls. The face lift Tunisia consists in making incisions to access this hidden layer of surface tissue and repositioning it higher and laterally in their original situation. The skin will accompany this movement and we end up with an excess of skin to be removed without tension on the banks of the incisions.

Some details about the face lift

First of all the face lift Tunisia does not alter either the appearance of the face or its expression, this is the case when it was to draw only on the skin and in inappropriate directions. General anesthesia is not required for this procedure although comfort is highly recommended for the patient. The face lift does not stop the aging process but it also makes you look 10 to 15 years younger on average when it is not done at an advanced age or gain becomes very visible. The effect duration depends on the quality of the skin and on the aging process specific to each one.
We can do a face lift 2 times or even 3 times in life. Disbonds will be harder and the scars will be located in front of the hair rather than hair to avoid the roll back which would give a more aged appearance.

Complementary interventions

When tissues fell they should be lifted and that is the only way so far to treat aging skin process. However, we often associate with a face lift by filling fat injection to perfect the result.
The use of the laser can also be a good addition to treat small superficial surface wrinkles.

Following the face lift

Peeling always induces edema and blues. Be prepared to face the threshold of 8 days. The drains are removed the next day with the wound dressing. A stretching sensation rather than pain in the lifted area that will decrease and after a week the patients are already assured. Lymphatic drainage sessions and a suitable camouflaging for shortening and better live this stage. After 15 days at most, one is already visible with a pleasing result.

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