Genioplasty – Chin surgery

The genioplasty improGenioplastyves the profile of the face in harmonizing with the projection of the nose and the upper lip to achieve the profiloplasty according to “the facial line” drawn on a profile photo and it is as well that it is often practiced at the same time as the people awaiting rhinoplasty. The intervention does not leave visible scars because it is done through the mouth at the bottom of the internal slope of the lower lip; it consists in projecting the chin by the establishment of a chin implant of silicone. When a nasal hump resection was performed at the same time, the hump removed constitutes a levy of a bone sufficient to give the projection on the chin by a simple gesture without suites with a result almost immediate.┬áPatients are admitted on the day of the operation and are usually discharged on the same day of the procedure, depending on how they feel.


How does one choose between an implant genioplasty and a sliding genioplasty?

Unfortunately for patients, the implant genioplasty seems to be the most common procedure currently employed by surgeons to lengthen a short chin and, inappropriately, a short lower jaw. The reason for this is that chin implants are technically much easier to place by surgeons who do not have the technical expertise in osseous genioplasties. This disadvantage limits the patient’s options and subsequent results.


Following the Genioplasty

Slight edema from the chin implant or the transplantation were installed otherwise it is greater if section of the bone and will decrease in 15 days. Mouthwash, antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed for a week. A contention by a chin sling worn for 15 days consolidates the results will be observed following the total of edema.

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