Why should you do a Gynecomastia in Tunisia?

There are at least two reasons. Pectoral of men that looks like a woman’s breasts is a pain for many of you. By performing your Gynecomastia, you get quality care and a complete confidentiality.

The second reason for a trip to Tunisia for your breast surgery is that you will pay much less than in Europe.

Gynecomastia: The intervention

A suture is made to allow the draining of serosa. After the flow stage, the surgeon places a bandage covering the whole breast in order to discharge bleeding. The patient who has benefited from gynecomastia in Tunisia will be released the day after the operation on the advice of the doctor.


Gynecomastia exposure and treatment of enlarged mammary gland requires general anesthesia. When the patient is only concerned by excess fat deposits with liposuccion treatment, local anesthesia is sufficient.

Preoperatively: Good to know

Prior to arrival to Tunisia and reducing your breast size, you will have an endocrine balance sheet, gynecomastia and testicular ultrasound to rule out any cause of hormonal or tumor.

Remember to take enough loose clothing to protect your chest after surgery.

The intervention, whether it’s a removal or an aspiration, requires fasting few hours before the beginning of gynecomastia. The surgeon will tell you until when you can eat, drink and smoke if you are a smoker.