Hair Implants Tunisia

Hair implants Tunisia is a rehabilitation technique of hair Hair Implantthat caters especially to genetic androgen  alopecia or male baldness. It is based on the principle of programming the hair to fall in some areas under the hormonal effect and to resist in others.

From which age is the hair implants recommended for baldness?

Generally from the age of 38 when the fall steadily increased.

What is the hair transplant?

It involves removing the hair resistant to hormonal phenomena located in the crown that encircles alopecia and reimplant them in the bald area.

Is general anesthesia necessary?

No, local anesthesia helped by sedation is made by the care of an anesthesiologist widely enough.

How is the sample made?

It’s made quickly under local anesthesia and takes a hair band 0.5 cm wide in the occipital area. It may extend around the entire circumference of the fringe of hair needed. The donor site will be immediately sutured by absorbable suture in a slightly compressive bandage and the patient goes back to his room while the grafts are cut.

How the grafts are cut?

Several types of grafts will be cut and arranged according to the number of hairs contained in the same graft. Follicular implants consist of posing each containing a hair grafts give the best cosmetic result and are favored at the front edge to avoid the appearance of “doll’s hair” or “field leek”; other grafts are used to fill in behind the edge.

How the grafts are implanted afterward?

After locating and marking the area to be grafted, a local anesthesia is used and scalpel incisions are made among the number of grafts cut.

How long a session of hair implants takes?

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete depending on the surface and on the number of grafts implanted.

How many grafts can be implanted in the same session?

In long sessions it can be up to 2500 grafts.

Can we get back the hair of the 20 years old?

No, we must be realistic. The goal of hair implants is to emphasize the anterior so as to allow a hairstyle that hides baldness.

Can women benefit from hair implants?

Absolutely, they can sometimes thin out especially after menopause and some women want to decrease the width of the forehead which would require a several sessions. In other cases, they would hide scars from facelift.

Does a burn scarring alopecia or other may be grafted?

Yes, but it requires several sessions because of the retracted skin that does not accept multiple grafts at a time.

What are the risks and precautions to be taken for a hair transplant?

There is no risk and the only precaution to take is to stop any anticoagulant therapy or based on aspirin 15 days before the session and under the advice of the treating physician. Bleeding disturbs the laying grafts chasing.


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