Liposuction Tunisia

Liposuction Tunisia is a type of plastic surgery tLiposuctionhat involves straight suck deep fat using thin rigid cannulas introduced through small incisions made ​​in the skin on the edge of the area to be aspired. By moving back and forth, cannulas connected to a vacuum will loosen and liquefy the fat to be aspirated.





Liposuction : details
The maximum theoretical volume to be aspired is six liters; it is understandable therefore conceivable that liposuction is not a slimming method when several pounds would be lost. This intervention does not apply on too large areas and it is more for people with localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and distorting the shape, this is a shape of surgery and not weight loss. The assessment of the skin quality and elasticity is essential to avoid draining a cutaneous bag which is going to release and retract the final aesthetic result. Therefore, it is ideally suited to a toned skin retains its elasticity. The intervention may be performed under local anesthesia when the surface to aspire is limited or under epidural anesthesia for the areas below the basin. General anesthesia is used most commonly owing to the multiple aspirating areas in the majority of cases.

Following the Liposuction

Edema will immediately take the place of the grease and will subside in a few weeks so the result will be visible only after this period. Blue will always be present and will have to avoid sun exposure at the risk of residual pigmentation. They completely disappear after about 3 weeks. A sheath we put at end of the procedure will be worn during months. The inlet cannulas are sutured with absorbable thread. The pain is relieved by potent painkillers infusion, soon relayed by simple analgesics. These pains disappear within a week, is attenuating daily. The result will be visible after a month and will be final after six months. The aspiration of two zones or less allows you to resume the activities after a week at the most.

The grease sucked is not regenerating. You can gain weight by swelling of cells of grease that have not been sucked but the shape won’t change.