Rhinoplasty Tunisia : nose surgery

Rhinoplasty Tunisia  corrects abnormalitiesRhinoplasty of shape, size and projection of the nose, restores its the straightness (especially for those who suffer from nasal deviation)and changes the width and orientation of the nostrils (ethnic nose). This intervention is achievable under general anesthesia . The scars are usually invisible except for corrections of the point that leaves a scar on the tip of the hardly visible nose.


Cases of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery

The ethnic rhinoplasty is a specific intervention for Asians and Africans. It is less projected than the Caucasians nose and nostrils are wider than their height. We often use a tissue transplant to increase the projection of the dorsum and the tip.

Following the Rhinoplasty

For an adjustment of the tip, the pain is minimal. Small wicks in the nostrils will prevent breathing through the nose for 48 hours and adhesive Steris-Strips will ensure restraint of the tip for 1 week.
When we have been practicing osteotomies (intentional fractures of the nasal bones), blue around the eyes and swelling of the eyes will appear and will last about ten days. A plaster cast made of resin will be worn for a week to maintain the new position of the bones. The sutures are resorbables except for the tip of the nose which will be removed in the following week. Antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed for 1 week. The result is visible at the end of the week and will be final after six months of the intervention.

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