Scars treatment

A scar formScars treatments at the site of a wound when one burns, cuts etc. The appearance of it is thicker, pinkish than the rest of the skin fact that it is easily noticeable. The appearance of the scar depends on several factors such as the size of the wound, location of it, the age of the person and the time it takes for the wound to heal. These scars usually fade with time but never completely. If its appearance bothers us there are many treatments to reduce its size and improve its appearance (laser treatments, surgery, creams, Peelings). Laser treatment consists of fractionated co2 abrading specific points to cause a skin healing at these locations and smoothing the skin. This treatment can be used to remove wrinkles and scars.

Can the laser treat all types of scars?

If you have a scar which you would like to reduce the appearance of you are a perfect candidate for this treatment. The treatment is suitable for treating the appearance of the following types of scars on all skin types and colours:

Surgical Scars
Post Trauma Scars
Skin Graft Scars
Tattoo Removal Scars
Dark Skin Patches (Melasma)
At this time the laser is unable to treat Dark skin types 5 and 6, due to large amounts of melanin in the skin which will absorb the light and may prevent the fractional laser effectively treating the area. If you are unsure of your colour type please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be delighted to go over this with you.

Following the scars treatment

Redness occurs in the treated areas by laser, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing ointment on these areas every day and to avoid the sun for a week.



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