Stretch Marks treatment

StretchStretch marks appear as a result of a taking or a quick weight loss. It is therefore natural to see them frequently among pregnant women or people who have lost weight dramatically following the gastric bypass. Body builders aim to create bulk quickly, as they increase their muscle mass. Stretch marks can occur anywhere on the body, although body builders often find them appearing under the arms where the muscles of the upper chest and front shoulder meet.

While stretch marks are not dangerous, these purple or red marks indicate that the dermal layer beneath the epidermis can no longer keep up and accommodate the increasing mass of muscle. The skin has been stretched beyond its elastic capacities and damage results.

As the body begins to repair the damage it produces scar tissue. Scar tissue contains less collagen and is more fibrous than normal, healthy skin. This makes it less elastic and gives it an appearance different to that of the surrounding tissue. While the colour of the stretch marks usually fades over time to a silvery grey, the marks never disappear completely.

The skin stretches to the point that its elastic fibers crack and “cracks” appear, with unsightly.┬áThe fractional laser is used to stimulate collagen formation by abrading the skin in a controlled and accurate manner causing the burning postoperatively; this technique reduces the hollow stretch marks and gets a smoother appearance of the skin where applicable.


Following the Stretch Marks treatment

A burning sensation and redness in the treated areas will settle. It is advisable to apply an ice pack on the skin to relieve pain.

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