Thigh Lift Expectation

thigh lift

What to Expect After a Thigh Lift

A thigh lift generally has a 1-2 week to recovery period, though this may be longer if combined with other procedures. Surgeon will prescribe a medication to help you manage pain or discomfort during recovery. Because thigh lift surgery involve s a long incision, a permanent scar will remain after surgery. However, this scar will be placed in an area that can be hidden as much as possible by clothing or swimsuits and is likely to fade with time.

Once recovered, your thighs will be firmer and the appearance of being more toned, which will make your body more aesthetically pleasing overall. Maintaining exercise and diet will help shape your thighs further, working in conjunction with the surgery towards a more satisfactory shape.

Who should consider thigh lift surgery?

If you meet one or more of the following conditions, you might be a good candidate:

  • Thighs are out of proportion, sagging, or refusing to shrink via exercise or diet
  • Substantial weight loss has resulted in permanent loose skin around inner/outer thighs

Thigh lift surgery is a common part of plastic surgery for post-weight loss patients those who have achieved a significant weight reduction and now experience problems with excess skin around the body.